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    Cq 5.5 - xtype html5fileupload




      I am using the xtype 'html5fileupload' to show a browse dialog (I am using it inside a js file). I am facing the following issues with that.


      1. the file name is not displayed in the browse(text) field  after  selecting the file.


      2. neither the file name nor any data is submitted to the form


      following are the config options I have used


      "items": {

                                  "jcr:primaryType": "cq:Panel",

                                  "items": {

                                           "name": "xmlFile",

                                           "xtype": "html5fileuploadfield",

                                           "buttonText":"Select File",



                                           "fieldDescription": CQ.I18n.getMessage("Please select the translated xml file."),




      Could any one help with some clue on how to fix it? thanks in advance.