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    Flexlib dispatch event from item renderer(AbstractSolidScheduleEntryRenderer) to application


      Hi All,


      I am using Flexlib ScheduleViewer. I have manage to put some time into the scheduleviewer using data provider. Now what I am trying to do is to dispatch an event when user select on the time. The time is actually an item render inside a component(ScheduleViewer). What I have in mind is to dispatch an event from the item renderer but it's a library and I am not sure whether it's the correct way to edit the source of the library.


      I have the source code of the library, should I put a event dispatch inside the item renderer(render are in libarry) and listen to the event in my main application ?

      How can I dispatch an event that is from a library and listen to the event at my application(I know it can be done using bubble but not sure will it work from library or not) ?


      Just an structure of the application.


      Main Application.mxml

           - ScheduleViewer.mxml (component of flexlib)

                    - AbstarctSolidScheduleEntryRenderer.as (inside library, flexlib)