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    Running multiple batch actions on the same folder? One Click?


      We run Actions on a group of images using CS4 with the File->Automate->Batch function. We use this to take, for example, 200 images from a set folder and run an "Action" to create a rendered 2D design and save it in a different location to the source image and add an extension to the file name, leaving the source image unaltered. 


      The problem is that we then require to run this 20 times, each time, the difference is :- we want it to save to a different location and the "action" used is different because it changes the colour for example.


      The desired output is:


      FROM A JPEG ---> 20 folders (named as 20 different colours) and all our images rendered (as in our action) and saved into the 20 folders

      So we have 20 versions of each image


      Currently we simply set off the different actions in a batch separately, IE. 20 lots of batches to set off.



      So for example:


      * We have 200 jpeg images in folder [A]

      * We run a Batch function to run an "action" on all 200 images in folder [A] to render into our design and add a blue colour overlay (this is all done in the action itself) and to save them to folder [B] with the extension (BLUE) added to the filename.

      * Once Photoshop finishes running this Action on the 200 images (wish it would beep or something to let you know it was finished) we then run a batch to run a different "action" on the same 200 images in folder [A] to render the design and add a pink overlay and to save them in folder [C] with the extension (PINK) added to the filename


      And so on and so forth for the 20 different actions.


      Is there a way we can instruct Photoshop to run all of these 20 actions (one after the other in a queue as it where) without having to "Babysit" Photoshop and ask it to run each one off ourselves manually?


      Would we have to use JavaScript for this? We have no experience with JavaScript at all.


      We are currently using Photoshop CS4, is there a easier way to do this on CS5 or CS6?



      Kind Regards and Thanks in advance