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    How do I make a flash file work as an epub or online catalog? buttons wont work...


      Hello I am trying to make an epub and/or an online catalog for my business  so people can open them up on an Ipad. If someone could possibly tell me the steps to how to do this, that would be really awesome. I have already made the pages in photoshop and Illustrator CS5 and arranged them in InDesign CS5 then exported them to Flash to create the buttons to switch pages, then converted to an html file using wallaby technologies, but when I try opening it up in the html file the buttons will not work or even show up. I even tried switching the buttons to ones I have made in Illustrator and it still didn't work. It works fine when I am opening it up the swf file on my computer but I cant send the swf file for some reason. And my objective is to send this online catalog out by mail and emails. If someone could please help me accomplish this, I would much appreciate this.