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    Reader X not allowing fill-in form, but Adobe Pro does


      I have a document that was extended in Adobe Pro 9, specifically "Filling of form fields: Allowed"


      However, when I open it in Reader X I get a message

      "This document enable extended features in Adobe Reader.  The document has changed since it was created and use of extended features is no longer available.  Please contact the author for the original version of this document"


      And sure enough Reader X shows "Filling of form fields: Not Allowed".


      I created the document in LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2 added some data using LiveCycle and then signed it in LiveCycle.  This process produces document that work fine in Reader 9.  Any idea why its failing for Reader X?

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          Phillip M Jones Level 4

          Need to open in LiveCycle Designer and reset so filling forms is allowed.


          Note : XML Based forms do not work on Mac version of Acrobat or Reader It should but it doen't.

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            gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            You have to apply Extended Reader Rights to the saved PDF from LiveCycle Designer or use a LiveCycle ES server to apply the Extended Reader Rights to the PDF.


            If a user uses the Apple Macintosh Preview application to complete the form, then you may have data but you will not see it because Preview causes a fixable/repairable issue with the PDF fields.


            LiveCycle Designer forms are not usable on mobile devices. This issue is separate from the fact that most apps do not support JavaScript.

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              Bill@VT Level 7

              There are a few comments to address. 1. You might get more info about settings with Designer forms in the LiveCycle forum, though many here use them too. 2. Filling out a form should not require extending rights to Reader. The extended rights are only so that the form can be saved, and that a submission of the entire form (not just data) can be submitted (requires the form to be saved). Extended rights also offer other features, but these are the ones relevant to forms.


              The comment about the MAC does not seem to be related to your question, though it is useful information. There should be no reason that the form should be restricting completion unless something else has changed in the form and saved. Please indicate the exact steps used to activate Reader Rights and all steps after that to where the message comes. It may seem to clear to you, but is not that clear on this end. Basically you want to take folks through the steps you have done so they can try to repeat it. Also indicate what versions of the programs you are using, not just AA9, but AA9.3.1 for instance, and also the OSs you are working on.