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    CS6/Color Finesse 3 serial number?

    damianriddell Level 1

      I recently purchased Creative Cloud CS6. In previous boxed versions of Creative Suite there was a separate sticker with the Color Finesse serial number. Where do I find it with Creative Cloud CS6? I called Adobe, but the customer service rep couldn't seem to understand what I was asking and insisted that I needed to contact Synthetic Aperture. Any help would be appreciated!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          There is no serial required. CF latches on to the main program.



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            damianriddell Level 1

            Are you sure? I bought the full version of Creative Cloud CS6 for my home computer and my office bought a copy for my work computer. I'm haveing the same problem on both machines: I apply the effect and it asks do a serial number, if I skip past that box it adds the grid watermark and says it's running in trial mode.

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              BenjaminMarkus Level 4

              Are you sure it's not just asking you to register with a name and company?  I hadn't used Color Finesse before on the machine I'm working at now, but all I did was register the plug-in with Adobe.  I believe it just recognizes your Creative Cloud serial, and after that it should work fine.

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                Greg Baber Adobe Employee

                It should not ask for a serial number, just to register your copy.   It is also not a seperate install - you only have to install AE and it'll take care of everything.

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                  Bob Currier Level 3

                  As others have noted, the version of Color Finesse 3 included with AE CS6 is installed by the standard Adobe CS6 installer and automatically serializes itself, so there is no need for a separate CF serial number.


                  You will be prompted to enter your name and organization, and also given the opportunity to register with us (Synthetic Aperture) on-line. There is no requirement to do the on-line registration, but note that there *is* a serial number associated with Color Finesse you may need for future updates, and the on-line registration is a handy way to have us record that serial number so there is a way for us to retreive it for you. If you don't register your software, we'll be unable to help you find that serial number!


                  Bob Currier

                  Synthetic Aperture

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                    Jey_Gru Level 2

                    Yes, it worked after you see the screen with Color Finesse in trial mmode just click Color Finesse settings/options and then it should be converted to full version

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                      Tea-Why Level 1

                      Hello Bob,


                      I am having the same issue in AE CS6.  Getting the pink grid with "color finesse trial mode" watermark in the upper-left corner of all my (previously graded) footage.  I believe this is because I installed a trial of Color Finesse for use in Premiere Pro CS6, and for some reason AE seems to be interfacing with that trial version, not the full version it shipped with.


                      11th hour here, Bob.  Could really use your help.  Thanks.



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                        Bob Currier Level 3

                        Premiere's plug-in library is always shared by After Effects, so installing into Premiere always installs into AE.


                        You should be able to just install the LE version and make AE happy again. For the Mac there is a separate installer for the LE version. For Windows there is a single installer where you select LE or PI during installation. The installers are available on our website in the Downloads section.


                        Sometimes the installer is not able to remove the PI version itself and you'll get the "duplicate plug-in" error when starting AE. In that case you'll need to manually remove the PI plug-in by deleting the entire "Synthetic Aperture" folder located as follows:



                        /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/CS6/Media Core/



                        \Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\CS6\Media Core\


                        Bob Currier

                        Synthetic Aperture