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    Error 5070

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      I have a Mac Pro 2 x 2.93GHz 6-core Intel Xeon, OSX 10.7.4

      64GB Memory

      Nvidia Quadro 4800FX

      CUDA driver 5.0.17

      GPU Driver (270.00.00f06)


      I have a 1920 x 1080 comp with about 50 layers


      GPU-accelerated Ray-trace bombs (error 5070 failed to initialize) pretty much every time. Works at 1/2 res semi-consistently.


      I am wondering if this $1000 Nvidia card is defective.


      Here's the weird thing. Every time I boot AE, the CUDA current usable memory (in the GPU information preference panel) seems to drop. The Quadro has 1.5GB max usable memory, but I've seen the current usable memory (at application launch) drop as low as 250MB, with no other apps running.


      This is a clasic snafu of is it a CS6 problem or an Nvidia problem. I bought the card because of the massive hyping on the Adobe site. Please advise as to whether I should:


      - re-install AE CS6

      - attempt to exchange the Nvidia card



      -Eric Kreidler

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          I bought the card because of the massive hyping on the Adobe site.


          Well, that's all it is. You have been marketing-brainwashed. Anyway, before writing off the card or AE, do one of the following:


          • install Windows via Bootcamp and verify that the card works there with the trial of AE CS6
          • try it in an older version of AE (if you have none, download the trials using methods described here: Direct Download Links for Adobe Software)
          • run the card with OpenGL/ CUDA heavy plug-ins (Sapphire, Element, Magic Bullet)


          If all these work without a hitch, then this would almost 100% exclude a defunct card and rather point to OSX/ driver snafu, as you put it...



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            ekreidler Level 1

            I actually really like the card...I managed to get an SD ray-traced project complete with it and the results are great (and I will never write off AE, it's my lifeblood.) I really want this to work.


            It'd just be nice to be able to render my project at full HD. After I reboot the computer, I am able to get about three seconds of HD rendered, and then the 5070 happens, and I'm stuck until I reboot the application. After the application reboot, my usable CUDA memory has dropped from 1.3GB to 600MB. Like something is stuck in memory from the previous render.


            I've also found that turning off the disk cache seems to get me a few more frames before getting stuck in 5070 land again. But it certainly would be nice to not have to shut off the disk cache for ray-tracing to work.




            Unfortunately I don't have a copy of Windows lying around, but I'll try the card in another Mac Pro.


            An older version of AE doesn't have ray-tracing so I'm not sure how that helps.


            I guess I can put it thorugh some heavy Magic Bulleting (I don't have Sapphire or Element, maybe I'll go get trial versions.)


            Do you have any idea why the "current usable memory" would drop over multiple app launches? I'm just looking to gain some understanding as to what other process on my machine is draining so much of my CUDA memory?


            And do you think there's any benefit to a re-install of AE?


            Thanks for the suggestions,


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              I should add that the ray-trace HD render of my project works fine using just the CPU. It's obviously very slow but it works, no errors.

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                If the card as such "works" on a very basic level, then this is a driver issue and installing/ using older versions or certain hardware accelerated plug-ins would at least allow you to verify that memory behavior. That's all I'm saying. If there's no driver update/ Beta driver from NVidia that fixes this, then there's nothing you can do I'm afraid.



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                  ekreidler Level 1

                  One more piece of info -- after a clean reboot, starting with 1.24GB usable CUDA memory, disk cache off, I successfully rendered 56 frames with GPU ray-trace on. I was rendering to ProRes, but I've had the same results rendering to a photoshop sequence (not sure if that makes a difference.)


                  I quit AE, relaunched it -- still 1.2GB usable CUDA memory, and this time got an additional 13 frames.


                  Again, mostly just hoping anyone at Adobe is reading this, but it just seems strange that it works for a while and then seems to choke the card until the machine is rebooted.