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    Why won't Adobe Reader X let me save PDFs?


      This all started fairly recently, like within the last few weeks.


      If I hit save when I am in Adobe Reader X, it does nothing.


      Scenario 1: Online

      If I view the docuemnt within my browser, then click on the icon at the bottom that says Save, nothing happens.


      Scenario 2: Offline

      If I view a document i have on my hard drive, I can view it fine, but if I highlight something, then save, it says "where do you want to save it" and "are you sure you want to overwrite?" and then nothing happens.  If I then attempt to close it, it will say "Do you want to save it?" then the other two questions and then nothing happens.  I have to "Revert" then close if I want to close the document.


      Per a previous thread that semed to be abruptly cut short on exactly the same topic, i tried their solutions as well:

      Right clicking on a link to a file online, and saving works just fine.


      However there was no response from the original asker after those steps, and that didn't help me.


      Any thoughts?