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    Simple selection and copy

    thatblokeoffthetelly Level 1

      Ever used Propellorhead's Reason? It has THE best user interface/controls of any program I've ever used.

      I'd love to see some simple elements taken from it and incorporated into Premiere. They may even already exist, but for some unknown reason they don't produce a result in a search engine.

      In the past I've asked questions on this forum only to be directed to a inappropriately titled, but relevant, response. So apologies (but not really) if I'm doing it again.

      I'd like to know if there is a key that, when held down, and a clip is dragged, it produces a duplicate of said clip?

      And also,

      If there is a key for selecting only one track to be viewed/played at a time? Yes, I know you can shift click to deselct all, then select a track, but that's one extra click I don't need.


      These are functions in Reason and Photoshop respectively, that aren't available or aren't as easy to discover, in the program or on the net.


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