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    Hyperlink panel disabled - So how do I change the appearance of a hyperlink?


      I am at the final stages of layout and the only thing preventing me from publishing electronically is that the hyperlinks have bounding boxes around them. I have previously been able to use the hyperlink options to change the appearance of a hyperlink but my panel is completely greyed out > see below. I can only change the destination and that does not give any link options. The panel doesn't even register any hyperlinks although you can see many in my screen grab alone. I have modified the character style but since these are active links (which should remain active), the style does not change the bounding box. I even tried retyping links and linking them to their URL with InDesign but I cannot control any options after a link has been made. I also cannot afford to do this +100 times. Anyone have any tips? I'm using CS6 on a MacBook Pro. I've already rebooted the computer and InDesign to no avail. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a script I can use?



      Thanks to anyone who can help!


      Screen Shot 2012-08-17 at 1.45.31 PM.png