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    Placing files in an InDesign document


      Hello Adobe Forum!


      I'm hoping to get enlightened on a problem I was faced in yesterday while working on a new document. I like to modify images I'm using in Photoshop and then add them to my InDesign documents. When I tried to do this yesterday, like I always do, I couldn't find the photoshoped image in the directory I saved it in. I went into Windows Explorer looking for the image, making sure I had saved it in the right place, and in fact I did. For whatever reason, when in InDesign, the photoshoped images are not appearing in the directory. Like I mentioned, I do this often so I do see old photoshoped images in there but not the ones I worked on yesterday. I re-started my PC when I left work yesterday but when I came in this morning, and tried to do this again, nothing had changed.


      Anyone have an idea as to what's happening here?


      Thank you!!!