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    Can effects be applied to tracks or media sources?

    Gordon James McDowell Level 1

      I'm used to Sony Vegas, and could either apply filters based on track (so I could put all media needing particular filter in that track) or based on media source (so all moments pulled from one data file could have the same filter applied).


      The upside was that I could tweak that filter (applied to all needed moments) in once place.

      I'm not sure I see a similar mechanism in PPro. I copy/paste a filter setting to more than one clip, but then they can't all be tweaked after that via single control... I'd need to tweak then copy/paste to all needed moments again.


      I can pull and entire sequence into another sequence and apply a filter that way, but I'm no longer to apply it selectively to a particular set of moments.


      I'd love to apply a filter to a track, or to a media source. For all I know this is possible and I don't see the mechanism.


      Or I'd appreciate your thoughts on what the "right" was to do this is.


      Here's an Adobe guide to effects. I don't see any way to do what I'm hoping to do.


      Thanks for any help.