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    Flash Gallery and Dynamic Functions


      I am making a flash gallery. I have a dynamically generated list of pictures which i use php for to look up the directory and give me the files back in an array. I then loop through these files and load them one by one, while i am looping i am also trying to assign a function for each one so that when the user clicks on the thumbnail image it will load up the associated big image in another box. Unfortunately i cannot seem to get this to work, every time i click on an image it will load up the current thumbnail that is loading (assuming the loop is still in motion) rather than the thumbnail i just clicked on. When all the thumbnails are finished loading, none of the pictures will load anything when i click on them. This might sound confusing but im trying to explain it the best way i can.

      **Here is the most relevant code, by the way, in this code i am loading the associated thumbnail into the big image box, rather than the associated big image, dont worry about that, im going to change that later so that shouldn't be the problem.

      I appreciate all your help, thanks :-)
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          each time one of your thumbs is clicked it's loading currentThumb. and the value of currentThumb is the value at the time the thumb is clicked, not when it's defined.

          to remedy, assign a property to each currentImg, that allows it to access the currentThumb when you define the onPress and then use that property instead of currentThumb in your onPress' loadClip url parameter.