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    CS6-Media Encoder Fails on long (1hr +) H.264 render

    al_bergstein Level 1

      Windows 7 - 64 Bit. 8 GBs RAM

      Adobe Pr and other programs on C: internal Plenty of hard disk space left 300+GBs

      External high speed 7200 RPM RAID 1 where the media is stored.

      External high speed 7200 RPM Non RAID drive for rendering to be written to.

      Both drives are eSata.

      CS6 Pr and Media Encoder (OP update: It appears that has been an update to this version, I am going to download the updates and see if that fixes this.)


      FOLLOW UP: It appears that the update did fix the problem. I have multiple workstations and was under the impression I had updated them all. I have not fully tested this yet, but for now, I consider it fixed.


      Footage is a single capture of a lecture. 1 hr. 20 minutes.

      Shot on Canon xf105 in MXF format at 1280x720 23.976p (US)

      Footage goes together fine (many multiple file clips 'chained' or butted up against one another, as is done when you shoot a continuous take)

      The footage plays fine in Pr in final form for export.

      No special effects. one dissolve (intro title slide to lecture)


      Reproduceable problem:


      i export to Media Encoder.

      I choose H.264 and Vimeo Wide Screen SD 23.976

      The file exports about 2/3rds of the way, not the same place each time, and fails with no definitive error message. The log shows, "Export Error: Error compiling movie. Unknown error."


      Rendered file to external drive (have more than one, have tried it on two, with same results)

      All drives have plenty of disk space on them.


      I tried cleaning the Media Encoder Media Cache. Same result.

      I tried moving the cache files to an almost empty external disk. No change.


      I broke the video into a 10 minute segment, it rendered just fine with the same settings.


      This seems to be a bug in Media Encoder. Is there a fix for this? A workaround? My client would like a single long file of the presentation.

      Could the 8 GBs of RAM be an issue? Not sure why it would. Or is this a known bug for Media Encoder?


      I also had a second job today, similar in that I needed to take 6 multiple takes of the same person, drop them onto a timeline and render it to Vimeo for them to review. same issue. Got 13'05" into the compile and it failed.  So something is odd. I have compiled much longer footage before, that was done with this camera.