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    Performance updates with Galaxy Note 10.1?



      The average line quality currently leaves a slightly jagged path, with tapered ends ending abruptly.  Less noticeable with soft brushes on and size pressure off, obviously.  I have a Bamboo tablet with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, just wondering if this is supposed to be(or planned to be) more comparable quality wise than it currently is.


      In comparison a shot from the layer paint app.



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          Thanks savorygerbils for this post.  It cued me onto LayerPaint, which absolutely blew mew away.  That app does everytihng right for such a tiny price, that every other program including Phothoshop Touch do so completely wrong.


          And I second this post.  The brush tracking on PS Touch is horrid.


          I'd like way more brush options in PS Touch and real brush tracking that's on par with the desktop version of PS -- LayerPaing nailed it, so I have faith Adobe can do the same.


          Also, whatever method LayerPaint is using to handle their canvas size and layers, really should be adopted by Adobe. I like PS Touches layer management better, but as far as I can tell, there are no limits with LP.


          And PS Touch absolutely needs preferences to lock out single-touch brush tracking.  I like what another program Infinite paint did, which was allow the finger to be a smude tool, or eraser, which rocks IMO.  And to praise LayerPaint again, it had excactly the right preferences for stylus tracking, that I was looking for.

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            TheoWerewolf Level 1

            Gods yes - I wish touch was blocked for any kind of inking mode. The palm rejection on the Note 10.1 is good, but I keep accidentally drawing when I want to move...


            Also - why is the default new document completely transparent? Who thought that would be a smart idea? It would also be nice if the app remembered my preferred new document size.

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              JackAxe Level 1

              I keep on reading about palm rejection -- which sounds fancy, but with the Note 10.1",  when the Wacom is close enough to the screen, the application can listen for that and simply disable all touch. This is how the good apps work.  LayerPaint does this great and of course goes that extra step and kills single touch.


              I completely agree on the default document being blank, that bugs me, but since I've been doing all of my work in TVPaint Beta, I haven't used PS Touch or even LayerPaint for several days.


              AND, since I mentioned "TVPaint."  Seriously, sign up for the beta and download it.


              Here's a link, which I hope isn't against Adobe's rules:

              http://www.tvpaint.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=5918&sid=7ec33c6c0742f5750401bacf8856e0b c


              It's the real deal when it comes to art, not some watered down touch-based app.  It's a full blown proffesional animation application!


              I've been using it to draw and paint with and its brush engine is as good as Corel Painter, with some great included tools and the option to create custom brushes.


              The UI is deskstop level and as noted it's beta, but it has lots of ways to hide pallets.  The app supports multi-touch, but rotation can't be disabled, so I use the view menu quite a bit to zoom in and out and reset things.


              Anyways, Adobe really should take heed of this application, which will probalby be pricey ( $1400 for the pro on the desktop ), but it does EVERYTHING!!!