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    Modified exposure stacking script in CS5


      Not sure I'm asking in the right place, so perhaps a bit of background is in order.


      I'm using image stacking for exposure accumulation using the builtin summation script in CS5. This generally works well unless there are moderately bright regions in the image, which will then blow out. Current workaround is to do HDR with a single frame (or two) with the summed image.


      Is it possible to write a script that does a scaled summation? That is, instead of \Sum_i (x_i), where x_i is the i^{th} pixel luminance use \Sum_i (a_i x_i) where a_i is a scaling coefficient that ensures that the summed value does not blow out, chosen automatically by the script (sorry for the TeXspeak -- hope the meaning is clear).


      It seem to me that to do this I will need the actual pixel values in the raw file -- is there a way to get this information in CS5?