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    Clone Stamp and Render Speeds


      So I had a shot that I had to clean up due to some traffic driving by.  I'm still new to different methods of removing unwanted objects in a video, but in my case it seemed like the appropriate tool to use.  I have a total of 223 clone stamp strokes.  I used each one on by single frame, not constant so that there would not be a build up of data for each frame.  But, it seems that no matter the method, clone stamp just slows my system drastically.  I do not have source overlay enabled.  Is there a way to speed up the renders or is this just the price of using clone stamp?




      CPU: AMD phenom II x6 cor processor

      Graphics: 1 GB Radeon HD 5770

      Power Supply: 750 Watts

      RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600Hz

      OS: Windows 7

      Adobe Version: CS6 Master Collection