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    percentWidth not resizing with container

      Ok, here's the rundown.

      _Canvas (constraint based)
      __HBox (constraint based)
      ___ModuleLoader (20%) ModuleLoader (60%) ModuleLoader (20%)

      When I deploy the app, everything works fine. Resizing the window automatically resizes all the components and containers. But when I dynamically set the percentWidth or percentHeight attributes in actionscript, it doesn't quite work. It sets them correctly initially, like the module loaders will set to 20/60/20 percent of the container, but they won't resize along with it if I resize the window.

      The loaded module is a place holder right now. It's just a panel with a button.

      Whats the difference between setting the percentWidth in actionscript and setting it through the properties pane?

      I've tried both of these methods:


      and both give the same results.