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    Problem using multiple monitors in cs6! Help!


      Hello, I have a 3 monitor setup running on a gtx 680 with nvidia surround. I want to be able to have one monitor with a full screen program monitor.  When I clkick the menu on the program monitor the playback settings option is greyed out. I tried going into Edit>Preferences>Playback to enable it but the video device box does not show any of my monitors. The only box avaliable is one called Adobe DV. Anyone know why my monitors arn't showing up? All the drivers for the monitors are up to date aswell as the graphics card. Right now i have just been undocking the program monitor and then stretching it to fit the screen i want it on.

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          I have the GTX670. So pretty much the same.


          When I go to  Edit>Preferences>Playback I see:


          monitor settings.png

          When I select the monitor I am not currently using for Premiere Pro, the Program Monitor shows up full size at 1920X1080 in that monitor.


          While that may not help you, at least you know a similar card can do the job and you know that it should work.. What happens if you drop down to two monitors? Will it work then?


          Also, have you performed the hack that allows Premiere Pro to use the card since that card is not in the file? I have no idea if that is relevant at all, by the way. It is just an attempt at getting our systems to work the same way.

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            vancity604 Level 1

            Yes i have the hack. Im thinking it has something to do with nvidia surround. I think surround might be turning the 3 monitors into one monitor at 5760x1080 and its not showing up because that resolution isnt suported. Ill tinker around with that and wee what hapens.

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              Jon-M-Spear Level 4

              I don't know what nVidia surround is - yet I have all three monitors working as expected.  I suspect it's for immersing yourself in wrap-around vision for gaming etc - which is not how Adobe uses multi-screen.


              As Stephen indicated, you should have all three listed in the Preferences/Playback when the 680 is installed without further bells and whistles.  


              Try disabling/uninstalling nVidia Surround and doing it again.