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    Tip for chroma keying.

    UlfLaursen Level 2



      I am on CS6.01 and have a greenscreen clip. I have used the 16 point garbage matte and the croma key filters to remome the green background.


      There are still some dark green spots left because of my somewhat bad lightning setup, even after keyframing the garbage matte, so it moves according to the persons movements.


      If I turn up the similarity higher, I start getting "holes" elsewhere, which I rather do not want.


      I was thingking if it would be possible to export this clip including the keying as f.ex. UT/AVI with maximum renderquality, reeimport this clip and put another chroma key filter on the "last" spots, which are quite similar in colour, to make them go away, or could I even drag this sequense into another new sequense and add the new chroma key to this one?


      Thanks for any input on this issue.