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        Hudechrome Level 2

        I don't understand "remove entries from path". Are you renaming or what? Also, since I'm not using Visual Studio, is this otherwise beneficial?

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          The PATH is an environment variable, and when things are run if they're not explicitly identified by both path and filename, the system searches all the folders in the PATH.  ATI adds its folders to the PATH apparently unnecessarily, and in my case they interfered with something.


          Generally speaking, if you have something that you DO access via the path then there will be an ever so slight delay (milliseconds, really) while the system searches all the folders in the path before the one containing your something.  This used to matter, when computers were 100 times less powerful.


          The PATH used to be more important for folks who'd use Command Line utilities - e.g., in a CMD prompt.  Nowadays, few do that and nearly everything that runs as part of Windows is explicitly identified, so the PATH is less important than it once was.


          The PATH does tend to grow as time goes on and one installs more stuff.  Nothing ever cleans it up as a rule, which is why I pay attention to it (career geek here).


          If everything works for you, perhaps it's best to just leave it alone, as most folks do.



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            Hudechrome Level 2

            Kind of like life, then. We gather lots of baggage on that path which, periodically, needs to be examined and much discarded.


            I assume then. the PATH starts with the drive letter and ends in a folder, in which the information resides. It's still not clear how you get it off the PATH but leave it available to some other use. Obviously, you don't simply delete it or move it to the desktop. There would have to be some hierarchy to that folder that certain paths can be configured to ignore while the folder resides on the PATH.


            Just a bit of amateur musing. I have a daughter who was using MS Dos professionally who now hates the thought of it and is no longer employed in that field.


            She now owns a Mac.


            I have three kids professionally involved, either in the past or presently in software. One is a software architect at AutoCad. They all quietly shake their heads in my direction when I ask questions! But at least my software architect son does pick my brain about cameras and Photoshop.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Funny thing...  OSX is based on Unix, where the concept of a path first evolved.  Macs still have paths as far as I know, under the covers. 


              Just for completeness, one edits the PATH on a Windows 7 system as follows:


              1.  Click Start, type system into the search box, and click View Advanced System Settings when it comes up.


              2.  Click the [Environment Variables] button.


              3.  The ultimate PATH things use when you're logged-in is constructed by combining the PATH in the System variables section and the PATH (if any) in the User variables section.


              4.  The extra AMD stuff I mentioned is prepended to the PATH (aka Path) in the System variables section.


              I just shake my head in all directions. 



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                Hudechrome Level 2

                I've seen this window earier in another thread and elswhere.


                I've posted the default settings I found.

                Now I am curious why that came up as it hasEnv Variables.JPG

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  Looks okay to me.  Microsoft made the dialog kind of small, so you have to scroll the System variables (bottom) pane down to see Path.


                  Apparently you've installed something called SmartMonTools that's added something to your user PATH, but that's not necessarily a problem.


                  Here's what mine looks like:





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                    MicahBurke Level 1

                    Fascinating. Had this same problem starting last night. Windows Update brought with it a new version of the AMD driver and my blues started turning into black. Disabling the acceleration fixed the problem.  I'm downgrading to 12.6 (cause that's the only ver I can find). 



                    I tried to sign up for AMD's forum but haven't yet received the confirmation email.

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                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                      I have found Catalyst 12.8 to be pretty stable.  You should seek this version out specifically.  I believe you can get any old version on AMD's web site.



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                        MicahBurke Level 1

                        I got it, was looking in wrong directory.

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                          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          I ended up rolling back the last driver update. During the middle of the install, I got the blue screen. I thought the latest update would fix the issue, as running a plugin in the version before(which should be what I am running now) started the blue screen.


                          I just updated my PC Tools and found over 2000 registry errors, funny the last version did not find them. So I am in the wait and see phase.

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                            viveredesign Level 1



                            I installed AMD Catalyst 12.8 for a Radeon HD 7800 series on a fresh Win 7 x64 installation. I've been running Photoshop x64 for a few weeks (3d rendering) and found that the video driver crashed once, and Photoshop has hung several times. I'm not sure if the hanging has to do with the video driver.


                            Anyway, has anyone found any of the newer AMD drivers to be stable with Photoshop and 3D rendering so as to be worth the trouble of installing/testing?

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                              Curt Y Level 7

                              Last I saw the beta 13.3 works good.  Noel is out for now, and he is the expert.

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                                Mollysnoot Level 3

                                I took Noel's advice and installed beta 13.3 a few weeks ago now - so far I've had zero problems. However, 13.4 is now out and last I heard it's been PS friendly. As Curt says, sadly our resident AMD driver guru Noel isn't around at present, but I think I'll give 13.4 a whirl soon.



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                                  Yammer Level 4

                                  I've been running 13.4 for a few days. No problems so far.

                                  • 55. Re: ATI Catalyst 12.8 and Photoshop
                                    Mollysnoot Level 3

                                    Good to know Yammer, thanks.



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