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    CS5 Error Message On Open?


      My MAC crashed and had to have a new hard drive installed.  When I re-installed CS5, InDesign now gives me error messages.  First one is LILO.IndesignPlugin is not currently available on the system.  Next one is Hyphenation breaks may change if you edit the text in this document.  The following hyphenation services are not installed on this system - Proximity (English: USA).  I searched the forum and found a topic regarding finding and deleting the SavedData file and the Preferences file.  I have been working on this since last night.  Last night, the SavedData file was not showing up.  I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it again, and now the Preferences file is gone.  Seems like I saw something somewhere in the many hours of looking for a "fix" that said something about a "cleaner" program that would take all of the program off the computer so that it could be installed again like it had never been there.  I don't know if that will fix it or not, but I am certainly ready to try!  All of the menus are missing!  I own a magazine and this is one of my designers computers.  I really need to fix this issue by Monday!  Help!!!!  Any ideas on how to help would be greatly appreciated!