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    CS6: black or shows 'media pending'


      This is a project specific problem:


      The video screen remains black or shows 'media pending'. But no HD is at work to find the media.

      The audio does play, however, the plot is not visible as can be seen in the provided screenshot.

      The program freezes when closing this project.


      Project info:

      - I am working with VOB (DVD) files.

      - The project contains cuts of over 124 hours of DVD video and additional 5.1 audio exports that are linked to the videos again.

      - The project files are on an external USB 3 disk.

      - 'Save cache files next to originals' is enabled to not eat up internal disk space. When switching to CS6 I deleted all cache files and let Premiere recreate them.



      CS6, Windows 7 64bit, 16GB RAM.

      Plenty of RAM free when the project is opened. Intel i7 CPU is around 12% continuesly.


      I would really like to finish this project that I started in CS5...



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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          The answer is in parentheses next to the file name that you blurred out in the Project panel.  All those clips have to be re-indexed -- probably because you deleted the index files when you deleted the cache files.  The re-indexing may even have occurred if you hadn't deleted the cache files because of the change from CS5.5 to CS6.


          The freezing is likely because the indexing operation can't be stopped, and Pr didn't like you trying to close it before it was finished.



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            Malloot Level 1

            Thanks Jeff for the reply.

            I overlooked this indexing. Likely because there's not much happening. The number 506 never changes and there is no harddisk activity. But isn't this only for use of the seach bar?


            Other thing is That I've already worked with it in CS6 and it all went fine then (and this was after deleting all cache files).


            The wave plots do show up now by the way after a third time opening.

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              Malloot Level 1

              Meanwhile I haven't been able to solve the problem, after not looking at it for a long time (got tired and frustrated). New is that this time, in the lower right corner, Premerie claims to be generating a peak file but nothing happens. I could delete all the peak files again but oblviously I will end up with the same problem, since it's the same project.


              Looks like I'll be going back to CS5. Pity of the wasted money. Does anyone know if Premiere CS5 and CS6 can be installed side by side? Because CS6 has some nice new features I might want to use some day.

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                Malloot Level 1

                Update: The audio also randomly mutes now.


                That brings me to the belief that premiere is only using 1 CPU core, since the cpu is at 12% all the time. That could also explain the hanging after trying to properly close this project. For the rest I can do whatever I want on the computer, open Photoshop and/or any other appilcation(s) without a problem.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  The Indexing, Conforming and the generation of the PEK (Waveform Display) files is very important. This process requires CPU cycles, plus also I/O activity. One thing that can hang it, is not having adequate HDD space, or via the user doing things, during the process. This article goes into more detail: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/726693?tstart=0


                  How much free-space do you have on the HDD, where your Scratch Disks>Media Cache is located?

                  Do you have any processes/programs, such as active, real-time anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-anything, running?

                  Were you multi-tasking, while the process was in progress?


                  Just some thoughts.


                  Good luck,



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                    Malloot Level 1

                    Thanks Bill for your input.


                    The HDD has 558GB of free space.

                    I specifically let the program load the project without touching anything. Then it seemed to be ready (HDD stopt loading files and Premiere even showed a video still this time. But when I pressed spacebar to play screen went black and only audio started to play. Instantly though.

                    Only virus software installed is Microsoft Security Essentails. But at first this project worked, and it always worked in CS5 so that gives me the conclusion someting's gone wrong with Premiere CS6.


                    Update: I re-opended the project once more and directly closed the the two open sequence windows and this seems to help somehow. It's now re-creating all 500+ peak files again, though I did not delete those yet. I've read somewhere that this was a common bug of Pr CS5, when you enable 'Save cache files next to originals'. But I luckily did not have this problem in CS5. Apart from that, you'd expect they've fixed a bug this immensly stupid in CS6.


                    While I've been writing this Premiere has stopped again with generating peak files so closing the sequence windows did not help. And of course it hangs again when trying to close the project.

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                      Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                      What happens if you rename your media folder while Premiere Pro is not open? And if you have lots of files in one folder, separate them out into smaller groups in separate folders. If it can't find the media, what happens? Then what happens if you relink the media one subfolder at a time.


                      Just a thought. It might help you find the offending media, if there is such a thing.

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                        Carter Beauford

                        I was having this exact same problem: Working on a project without a problem. Then the next day I come back to work, turn on the computer, open the same file and half my media is pending and wont load. (also any new media I import doesnt play in the timeline or source window either).


                        FOUND THE CAUSE: I tend to 'Save Project As' quite a lot every time I achieve a tough edit. As you know, PPro makes a  folder for the preview files of your project. Problem is, if you save as a copy, PPro will make a new 'Adobe Premiere Pro Preview Files Folder' for that new version of your project and all your preview files (MXFs and XMPs) will be in different folders. Therefore, if you open v04 of your project it won't find/index the preview files from v01, and so on...


                        FIX: Quit PPro. Copy all the preview files into your latest 'Adobe Premiere Pro Preview Files' project version folder. Relaunch. Back to normal.


                        Of course this takes more of youre HD space - I figure you can delete the files form the other folders but then if you need to go back to an earlier version of your project you'll need to re-copy the preview files to that versions preview folder. And its a pain to do every time. Adobe needs to fix this issue! Before I found this 'fix' PPro would crash and sometimes I couldn't even import new files (I got a generic import failure message before it crashed) Also...when trying to render the work area  it wouldn't render no matter how much time I leave it there...


                        Hope this works for you..Screen shot 2012-10-10 at 12.17.58 PM.png

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                          Malloot Level 1

                          Thanks Carter, I will try this in the coming week and report back here.

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                            I'm experiencing the same issue but I don't have multiple "Preview Files" so I can't try your solution.


                            Side note:

                            I installed my HDD from my another machine (1.5TB, 8 mo old) into my new Mac Pro (3 days old).  Its almost like the HDD is on a super slow connection and it takes a wicked long time to populate the timeline and project files (Media Pending).  But once populated then video will sometimes freeze and or display "Media Pending". 


                            This is the first project I'm editing on this new system and the video is from the installed HDD.  I tried to move the files to the other HDD and was unsuccessful I got error messages and task was canceled.


                            This has brought my productions to a complete hault. I'm needing further assistance.

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                              Carter Beauford Level 1

                              Another solution I found when getting the media pending warning is to delete the render files from within Premiere. Sequence > Delete Render Files. Restart. Give Premiere a little time to read your source footage. Render the work area again and its all back to normal again.

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                                I have the same problems for 2 days now and all of the suggested work arrounds seem not to solve the problem in my case. I found out that all clips in my sequence which have a color correction filter are pending or won't play when I hit space. If I delete or deactivate the RGB color correction filter everything runs normal. Due I didn't cahnged anything on the setup I guess it's a bug...problems started after insatlling the lates update.


                                Is there a chance to downgrade the Premiere version easily to an earlier CS6 release?


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                                  BackLightPictures.net Level 1

                                  My problem was a failing HDD. The internal drive that hosted my

                                  Media was becoming slow to spool and at times needed repairing. So I installed new internal HDD, moved my media off the failing drive and reconnected in PPro. I have not had this problem since. FYI the original HDD was from my old machine.

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    Sorry about the HDD, but glad that you got it sorted, and posted the root cause of the problem.


                                    Good luck,



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                                      TonyV125 Level 1

                                      faro-joran -  Thank you for identifying what was causing this issue for me.  I experienced the same thing today after downloading the latest updates for Premiere Pro.  Certain clips would not display in the Sequence, but the played fine in the source monitor.  All of these clips had the color correction effect applied to them.  Turning it off the effect fixed the issue.


                                      ADOBE... this is a major bug.  Please fix.

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                                        Malloot Level 1

                                        So.. The coming week became several months, but I finally picked this up again.


                                        I got it working now by deleting all *.pek and *.cfe files, and let Premiere regenerate all those files on the internal cache folder, using up 416GB of working space. Which I have to say again, it makes no sense at all to dump files from all your projects in one big folder. But well, if that's the only way to get Premiere function normal I guess I have no choice.


                                        BUT... Now yet another problem is introduced. Some clips have frames mixed up, or part of another frame is visible. Also after exporting! It's like the first frame of a cut is shown again after 1 second. But this seems to slowly go away as I keep working on the project. Like later on only half the frame is f***ed up instead of the whole frame. I can move the clip around, edit it in all ways but the broken frame remains. I am so finished with this program.


                                        By the way did I ever mention why "- The project contains cuts of over 124 hours of DVD video and additional 5.1 audio exports that are linked to the videos again."?

                                        That's because Premiere gave me stuttering audio with the original *.VOB audio.

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                                          Malloot Level 1

                                          My project is finished.. Finally.. Sniff..


                                          I did solve the problem with the broken frames by ignoring them while editing.. When I wanted to make an export I closed Premiere, and started it again and open the project again. Right after that without doing anything else, I exported the media and it would be bug-free. When editing, the broken frames start to appear again.

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                                            Vinay Asher

                                            I solved my problem by

                                            1. deleted all preview files from all designated folders,

                                            2 creating all together new sequence, 

                                            3.and reimporting synced sequence again on new sequence

                                            4.Re edit multi seq again.It did same time as previous edit but worked fine.

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                                              Bob Mack 94536

                                              I had a very similar problem with a large project after I had applied the warp stabilizer in Pr Pro CC. Quick solution - there was an autosave version of my project prior to the warp stabilizer being used that opened and worked just fine. From that point, I re-added the stabilizer and rendered the finished media easily.