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    How can I access ID subscription following 30-day trial




      I'm hoping someone might be able to help end today's nightmare.


      Background: I am a writer who has recently needed to use ID for a magazine project. I thought there was a chance I might be able to get all done in 30 days so I took advantage of the free trial for my Mac (OSX).


      Due to external circumstances I needed ID longer than 30 days, so I committed to buy after the trial expired. That was today. Trial expired and I came across the subscription offer for £12 a month. I paid up and got an email from Adobe telling me to a) log in to my a/c, b) click to download and c) open ID, which would apparently 'recognise' that I was a subscriber.


      What actually happened was, after downloading and installing it informed me that my trial has expired giving me the option to 'buy' or 'license'. Clicking license brings up a prompt for the serial key.


      This is nowhere to be found in my Adobe email or invoice and nowhere on my products page on my Adobe account (although the product link and details are there).


      I thought I might be able to solve by going over to my PC and downloading to Windows before transferring via memory stick, but the transfer process was taking hours. Now, I can open ID with no problem on my PC - presumably because I have never had a trial version on there.


      I have now deleted everything Adobe-related I can find on my Mac and started downloading the product again, but I have a sneaky suspicion the Application Manager will still realise that there was an expired trial in place and deny me access.


      In hindsight I probably should have thought that having a trial expire on a Saturday A.M. when my deadline is Monday is a bad move - no-one at Adobe to help me.


      I've lost a day of work throught this - hopefully one of you bright sparks can save me from losing another.