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    LOcked internal non-boot scratch drive


      I just installed Photoshop CS6 on my wife's PC running Windows 7 Professional with all the updates.


      In PS preferences I selected her internal D: drive (a non-boot drive), for her scratch disk.  Now when I try to start PS it says I need to unlock her scratch file.  I have no idea what that file is called.  I DO have adminstrator priviledges  I cannot start PS so I can reset mer scratch drive preferences.  HELP.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Hold down Ctrl+Alt+Shift during program start to reset prefs. Also consider turning off UAC 'cos that's basicalyl what it is - PS is not correctly triggering an UAC dialog to grant access to local drives for whatever reasons...



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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            Make sure the username specifically that's being used to run Photoshop has Full Control privileges for the root folder of drive D:.


            No, it doesn't matter that it's an account that's a member of the Administrators group.  UAC sees to it that you run non-privileged regardless - hence the need for the Full Control permissions for the specific username.


            If you do consider turning UAC all the way off, you may find Photoshop to work better but you do chance getting more malware installations.  If you go this route consider making some changes to your browser configuration to avoid running ActiveX from any old site, and ensure you have a top quality anti-malware package (e.g., Avast!).