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    My latest bug report

    JJMack Most Valuable Participant


      Adjustment Panel Fly-out menu options.

      The Adjustment Panel was added to Photoshop in CS4 and two of its Fly-out Menu options seem to be more a problem then useful.


      These options are:

      "Add Mask by Default" Adobe checked this option by default

      "Clip to Layer" Adobe un-checks this option by default


      The Adobe sets theirs defaults so that the current version of Photoshop will work the way all versions of Photoshop prior to CS4 behaved. When Adjustments Layers are added to a document they are added with layer mask. Additionally adjustment layers were added un-clipped by default but the user had an option to clip the adjustment layer being added in the new adjustment layer dialog. There was no way for users to change Photoshop default behavior prior to CS4.


      The biggest problem is these options do not work as advertised, as stated.


      For example if I un-check "Add Mask by Default" and I add and adjustment layer when there is no active selection the adjustment layer is added without an layer mask. However there is an active selection the Adjustment Layer is addled with a layer mask. When Action that contain make adjustment layer steps are played the Make Adjustment Layer steps work the same way. The is no indicator in the action steps that there should be or should not be a layer mask. So when there is no active selection all make adjustment layer steps will play the way the panel option is set, when there is a active selection a layer mask will be added to the adjustment layer no matter how the option "Add Mask by Default" is set.


      For example if I check "Clip to Layer" and I add a adjustment layer it will be clipped to the layer. If I play action the have make adjustment layer the will all be clipped. However if I un-check "Clip to Layer" and play actions that contain make adjustment layer step some of the adjustment layer will be clipped for some make adjustment layer action steps have an indicator that the layer should be clipped.


      I do not know if a solution can be found for these problems. Action should play like they are recorded. While there is and indicator that indicate that the adjustment layer should or should not be clipped in the make adjustment layer it is not always followed when the option "Clip to Layer" is checked or not checked. There is also no indicator in make adjustment layer action steps that there should or should not be a layer mask. No matter how the option "Add Mask by Default" is set if there is an active selection a layer mask will be included.


      It has also been pointed out by an Adobe employee that most users do not know these option exist or if they do know these exist don't use them. Who can blame them for all these options seem to do is cause problems.


      Perhaps its time to remover these to options and go back in time before CS4, CS5 and CS6 where all add adjustments layers were added with layer mask by default. A time where users had no problem adding and record adding adjustment layers un-clipped or clipped. Back to a time when Photoshop worked correctly.


      I simple silly little action olen an image and run it with the options set the default way then run it with other settings. http://www.mouseprints.net/old/dpr/AdjustImage.atn


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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Hi JJ,


          Somehow I ended up with the Clip To Layer inadevertently set by default the other day.  I think it's because I used the button in the Properties panel to clip an adjustment layer to a layer below.


          Interestingly, I had some trouble finding the option to uncheck.


          Turns out that option is still in the fly out menu for the Adjustments panel, even though the button I used was in the Properties panel.


          Therefore the bug just got incrementally worse, compounded by the fact that Adobe moved things around and created the new Properties panel.






          I really don't think Adobe cares to fix this, JJ, which is a shame.  They once cared about the details.



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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            Its that both option cause problems.  Sometime there will be layer mask other times not sometimes an adjustment layer will be clipped and othere times it will not its a mess.  Adobe could leave all code in place and just remove both option from the Fly-out menu and any other way a user could set them.  When the options are in there default state Photoshop works correctly when the either option is not set to its default state thing can fail and because of Murphy we know sooner or later there will be failures.


            Adobe has removed thing in the past and even put some back in. Thing that were poor like the extract filter.  Why shouln't they remove options the were not added in well. Why because an Adobe employee stated most users don't know the even exist so there not used.  When I see something in Photoshop I like to try then out,  I wish when Adobe added thing to Photoshop they would test them out.


            Adobe must be crazy if the don't care about the golden cow...

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              It's good of you to point these things out, but Adobe clearly doesn't want to deal with fixing it.


              The business administrators at Adobe would say that people send them plenty of money for the product now, so why bother?


              Would, say, 50 more people planet-wide send them money for the product if this bug were fixed?  Maybe.  But how could you prove it?  Have 50 fewer people bought Ps CS6 because of reading about this bug right here?  And how much additional support cost would be incurred by answering the cries of people who have figured out the quirks of those settings/buttons and will miss them?


              We live in a sad time, starting in about 2000, in which it no longer matters if things are made right or not.  It's why the economy is failing.



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                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                If Adobe keep on piling in bugs where like now save for web doesn't work in actions, some forms of selective color change does not work in actions and now some action steps can not be made interactive that once could be interactive.  Adobe's golden goose will soon be laying rotten eggs and their stench will be smelt through out the industry.


                The onlty time I use CS6 these days ti to test if bugs I see report are real.  I do use CS5 for I know how to bypass the bugs the effect me in CS5. CS6 seems to be a crap shoot.

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                  Like Noel, I also thank you for all your efforts in ferreting out these bugs and reporting them, JJMack.


                  I also agree with both of you on the deterioration of Adobe's standards, and I shudder to think how slow in coming the fixes are going to come once enough users are committed to the subscription method and to paying a monthly tribute to Adobe.  

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                    Addendum:  Photoshop 10.x was the last version I bought for the  Ps features as such. Photoshop 11.x, 12.x and 13 I've bought for ACR alone.