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    Illustrator won't reinstall.


           I recently downloaded and installed illustrator through Adobe's cloud service, Adobe Apllication Manager. Everything was working fine. I managed to use it for quite a while. Then about a day later my computer crash while doing something completly unrelated. It is not uncommon for the computer to crash. When it turned back on it asked if i would like to restore the computer from a previous version and i said yes. When  I finished running the repair sequence, I noticed something was wrong. Adobe Illustrator CS6 had been uninstalled by the repair sequence. At first I thought it would be no big deawl and that I could reinstall it.


           This is where the problem/question starts. I went to Adobe.com and tried downloading the program how i did the first time. It started up Adobe Application Manager and seemed like I would be making vectors again in about 2 hours. I was wrong.  Adobe Application Manager showed Illustrator CS6 as being installed. So now It wont redownload the installer. The program doesnt recognise that Illustrator is not on the machine. It is convinced that i have the program installed. I have looked for the uninstaller on my computer in multiple ways, but i cant find it. Ive tried deleting all illustrator related things. None of my attepts to solve the problem have worked. So now im stuck. I have no idea what to do next. I would be very greatful if someone knew how to fix my problem.

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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          Run the cleaner tool and then try to install the Illustrator.



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            Mr.Ely Level 1

            I will try that. Thank you for your suggestion.

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              Mr.Ely Level 1

              Thank you very much. Illustrator is now redownloading. I am very greatful for your help.

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                rombina74 Level 1

                I am having the same problem only mine is I had installed the Web Design Creative Suite CS5.5 about a year ago. Then I uninstalled it and got the Creative Cloud (which I love except for the problems with Illustrator). I installed everything just fine the first time I got it and Illustrator was acting up once in a while and I couldn't run the 64bit verson but I could run the regular verson but there were kinks in it once in a while. Then when the updates came in I installed the updates and I tried to open Illustrator (both versons) and got this message    0x000007b     Then after about 5 attemps at uninstalling it and reinstalling it with the same affect. This last uninstall shows that there is Illustrator on my computer under the Applications Manager but under everything I cannot find it anywhere on my hard drive (no where at all). I have tried to reload the Applications Manager but it gives me the same message that it is still installed. I even tried to do a recovery and my computer crashed and won't do a recovery it gives me an error saying it was unsuccessful. I have the feeling that the previous verson is interuppting the newer verson (and has all along) only hasn't shown itself since the new installation. I have to have Illustrator since I am taking the second course for it this next semester... I have a week to fix it. If anyone could get back to me that would be great but I have the feeling I will have to have the help of an Adobe Tec. Thanks