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    Buttons in an attached movie from library

      I used the tutorial posted at http://www.layersmagazine.com/flash-attaching-movieclips-actionscript.html Now I have a button on my stage that attaches a movie from the library.

      on (release) { this.holder.attachMovie(“contents”,”contentslinks”,1); }

      It works fine but I also have buttons inside the attached movie clip that need to control a movie that is already on the stage.

      contentslinks.contents_link_1.onRelease = function() { content_mc._visible = false; book_mc.directGotoPage(4);

      If I just place the attached movie on the stage the buttons work but I when I proceed to use attachMovie, they do not work. How do I get the buttons in the attached movie to address the movie that is already on the stage?