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    OMF Export issue in Premiere CS6




      I am trying to export a feature length OMF file for my sound mixer. I have the tracks I want on and selected. I then do File - Export - OMF. I do encapsulated audio, with 60 frame handles. I then start the export. I encodes through the files then it starts "generating metadata" and making its "First Pass Parsing Tracks", but it will immediatly jump to about 1/3 of the way through and just sit there. I have left it for about 3 hours and it still sits there. I have tried saving to various folders/hard drives and still no luck. I have seen people having problems with the omf working with other programs, but I haven't seen many people with this problem. Deadline is fast approaching and I desperately need to get this out to my sound mixer. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.



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          Post Kopic

          Is somebody work on the problem at Adobe?  Because the only way to get omf is create an Final Cut Pro XML !!!

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            anthony_bernard Level 1

            I figured out what my problem was actually. It was because this project was initially worked in FCP7 and when it was brought to CS6 via an xml some of the audio filters the previous editor had dropped on some clips were not compatible and showing up offline. This is what was holding the process up at the "generating metadata" window. If people are having this same problem and have imported a project from another NLE then I would STRONGLY reccommend taking the time and narrowing down where the export problems are located in the time line and finding any possible offline filters as I found. Could save you hours of bashing your head off the wall for no reason. Hope this helps someone.

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              Hi Anthony,


              I'm using Premier Pro 6 from the creative cloud, and am also doing a feature length doc.  I'm having issues exporting an OMF and it originally came from FCP 7.  I'm wondering if you've had any other reflections on the issues mentioned above and if you can offer any more insight?  I'm pretty sure I don't have any filter applied anywhere as I had only exported it from FCP 7 when I was in the logging phase.


              Someone else mentioned using Audition.  Send the whole sequence to Audition and export an OMF from there. Have you tried to send your feature length doc sequence to Audition and has it been succesfull? 


              Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.