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    Ability to load template components into a pre-existing form suggestion


      Another thought for the ideas area.
      We can save forms & we can load them up but we can't load up created components to a pre-existing form or save partial components for use in another form.


      Would be also good to have a place to share components with other users that could be accessed while we are creating forms.


      For example

      If I need to add a country listing to a form, the only real option as far as I can tell is to add it in from scratch or get a form someone else has made & use it, rip out all their stuff & build my own from scratch or maybe take a form someone else has made consisting of only the country listing & again start from scratch.


      If I had a form all done that I then realised I wanted to add that country listing in, it's going to take forever either way.


      If though I could access either something I've previously done or access a country listing component (with all the data there) from an Adobe community resource & just slot it in where I need it that would be a huge improvement.


      Also within the form template creation area, I might have something I'd like to upload & share with the community, there might be a share button option attached to each component which would bring up a pop up box where we can say which area it is to upload to with heading/description/author/creation date (for example) & click to upload with maybe a review process to avoid double ups.

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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee


          Again, thanks for all of the great feedback. In this particular case you can just copy a field from an existing form and paste into a new form. Its not quite as elegant as what you describe above but it will save you all of the work. With that said, I agree that being able to save components would be vey useful.


          Note: Copy/paste in Chrome doesn't work right now. The latest Chrome update broke copy/paste. We are in the process of trying to fix this issue.



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