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    Is there a way to go back?

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      I'm an experinced user of Adobe products.  Not professional in any way, but have set up a number of newsletters for others as well as many forms, business product, etc.  I used to work for a couple of local printers and learned on the job.  I have never had a problem with versions or platforms (working on both Mac and PC) with the exception of the change from CS2 to CS5 here at home.  Not really a big problem for me. Now,  I create a school newsletter and the school just purchased the Creative Suite for my office computer, the latest and greatest.  I own CS5, the school owns CS5.5.  You can probably guess the problem I'm having. I cannot open the CS5.5 file on my CS5 program at home.


      I just don't have the money to upgrade at this time.  The problem for me is that I store the file on a thumb drive and transport it back and forth from Home to Work.  If I forget to export, I can't do any work at home and get behind.


      Is there an aftermarket fix?  Can I go back a version at work? How about a script that does it automatically when I save?  Looking for any suggestions.  I just hate to rely on my mind to remember everytime, esp. when I have to save often in a busy office environment.