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    Flash player download problem


      Hi Ned, thanks for responding.  Yes I am trying to download the flash player from Adobe.com

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You should use the same posting you started with and not start a new one.


          The first thing you oughta do is run your virus software to see if you have been infected.


          Are you linking to the download via some other website's page?  Have you tried going directly to the Adobe player download page thru the Adobe site?  It sounds like you are either using a viral link to gain access for the download or your computer might already have some infection and might require some fixing. 


          While it is unlikely that the Adobe server is causing the problem, I cannot say with any certainty since I am not an Adobe employee or someone who manages the server.  You should contact Adobe technical support if you are questioning if there is a problem in their site.

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            SuhasYogin Adobe Employee

            Moving it to the Installing Flash Player forums.