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    add fields so clients can sign electronically and send back

    quality11 Level 1

      I've read a bunch of discussions about how to add fields to forms but none of them answered all my questions.


      What I'd like to do is add a signature and text field (for date) to a PDF so that my clients can send them back signed electronically. I do not want to use EchoSign.


      I have Acrobat Pro v9.5.2. I added a signature field and text field per http://www.adobe.com/accessibility/products/acrobat/pdf/A9-creating-accessible-pdf-forms.p df. I read on an Adobe forum that I was supposed to go to Save as > Reader Extended to allow the user to sign the document and send back to me signed. However, all I have as save options are Save or Save As. There's no Save As > Reader Extended option and when I choose Save As the "Save as type" does not include Reader Extended either.


      Please post step by step instructions for how to do this (add 2 fields, save doc, send to client, have them sign and fill in fields and send back to me completed). Surely we can do this with 9 yes?


      Thanks so much in advance!