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    Layers and Effects not showing up in AE. NEED HELP.


      The problem:


      I've recently downloaded a trial of Adobe After effects CS6 and whenever I import layers from Photoshop or  import a file i.e. a jpeg the layers just appear black.


      I know they're there because i'm able to resize them and move them around. I also can't seem get any of the Effects to appear.


      However, whenever i render out a project I'm able to see the layers/effects.


      I've looked up other solutions on here, such as wireframing (didn't work),  updating my graphics card (didn't work) and something about OpenGl which makes no sense to me.


      Does anybody know how to fix this?


      I can upload some screenshots to support this problem.


      I REALLY need to get this sorted asap, and any help would be greatly appreciated!