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    Camera RAW issues with Canon T4i

    IndyMcDuff Level 1

      I have many, many cameras and have used Photoshop and Bridge for years.  Even though the latest updates for Camera RAW says it can handle the T4i, I tried opening these files on two separate computers, both running Win 7 64 bit, and my having Photoshop Extended 5+ 64 bit on both computers.


      I tried reformatting the camera card, wanting to eliminate that as a possible problem, and the same problem exists.


      Camera RAW will recognize all of my other cameras, the D Mark III, T3i, Nikon D2x, D3, D3X, so on and so forth, but not the T4i.


      I stopped short of doing an image restore on that machine, thinking my installation of Photoshop must have been corrupted when I removed Elements and Preimere Elements, but no...I'm now on an IBM W701 with the same software and I have the same probem.


      If someone from Adobe would like me to send them a file from the T4i, I will.  If I shoot in jpeg, there are no issues.  But I do not shoot in jpeg.  I only did it to see if perhaps it were the SD card.


      Any help would be appreciated.