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    Re-creating demo using Adobe Premiere Elements 10

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      I am trying to use Adobe Premiere Elements 10 to re-create a software product demo. I have the audio recording file of the demo and 72 screen shots of the software. I'm trying to marry the two together to create a new video file which will basically be a re-creation of the demo.


      What is the best way to align the screen shot photos to the correct audio time stamps? For example, I want to specify that shot 1 is :14 - :45 and shot 2 is :46 - 1:32 and shot 3 is 1:33 - 1:55, etc. Do you know how I can set these time stamps telling the software when and for how long it should display each screen shot photo before moving to the next one?


      I have found where you can specify duration for each photo - like shot 1 is :32 duration and shot 2 is :45 duration and shot 3 is 1:45 duration and so on. The problem with this method is that if you're off by just 1 second it has a cummulative effect so 10 photos in and your audio could be out of synch with your photos by a good 8-10 seconds -- this is not good.


      If anyone can let me know how to do this I'd greatly appreciat it. Thank you, Mark

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          In PRE you can edit down to frame level (just repeatedly zoom in). In your case I suggest you right click your still and use Time Stretch to set the exact duration you want. The format is hours: minutes: seconds; frames.


          You can also stretch or shrink duration by placing the cursor at the end of your clip and click-drag.


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