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    Distorted/blurred problem

    Mark3807054 Level 1

      I am still working on my project mentioned a few questions down but now have a new problem.


      The gap was closed and the music tracks (soundtrack) put back in place. The project was "rendered" and set to "Share" as "Mobile Phones and Players". I then used the "Presets" as "AppleiPhone, Apple iPod Widescreen High Quality".


      The first half of the project is great and the second half distorted/blurred. The source of the video all came from one place and was "captured" at the same time using a HDV camcorder (Sony HDR-HC3e).


      The original clips on the "Sceneline" are good.


      Is there a reason why this would happen and is there any way to correct it.


      Many thanks in advance.