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    exporting uncompressed video


      Hi iv been invited to screen one of my films at a festival, the people dealing with showing the videos are being very un helpfull with video type and codecs etc, so they basicly just said give us something we can convert easy, hearing that i panicked imagining that there just going to take my HD video and mess it upby re- compressing everything. my freind (a fcp user) told me to render off a self contained video so that they can just easily render off wahtever they want, i have found out that this an option esclusive to fcp. so basicly i was wondering what would be my best option ? and if there is a noption similar to a self contained video inside premire pro cs5?

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          I'm curious what your friend meant by a "self-contained video".  It's certainly not a widely used term that I'm familiar with.  Likely he simply meant a file that contains both video and audio, which is easily created and most definitely not exclusive to FCP or to Macs, but a pretty ubiquitous feature of any video editing or conversion software.


          Export out a Microsoft AVI file, and under Codec on the Video tab, choose None.

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            shooternz Level 6

            "self-contained video".


            Its a Quicktime term Jim. 


            No festival will play an uncompressd file and then there is the difficulty of how does one deliver such a thing.


            Apart from getting hold of the specs (that any reputable festival would provide as matter of course)...H264 with high bitrate will do the job fine. I ts kind of universal and mangeable.

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              Its a Quicktime term Jim. 


              Ah, that explains my ignorance.