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    Single Red Diagonal Line

    Marc Trzepla Level 1

      I am getting a red diagonal line across a comp in a project.


      After Effects CS 6.  v

      Windows 7 Home Premium

      8 GB RAM


      Just this one comp.  Not the whole project.  It is not from a "trial" version of a plugin.  All of the effects in the comp come with After Effects.  Here is what I have done to try to get rid of the single red diagonal line without luck:


      - Restart After Effects

      - Restart the computer

      - Edit -> Purge All Memory

      - Preferences -> Empty Disk Cache and Clean Database and Cache

      - New Project, merge / import error'd project into new Project. 

      - Deleted Preferences


      It's not on a particular layer.  10 layers, turn on 9 of them on ... fine.   Turn on the 10th layer - boom.  Single Red Diagonal Line.  Turn off all layers except that layer.  Single Red Diagonal Line goes AWAY.  Turn on 8 more random layers - any 8, any order - fine.  Now there are 9 layers visible.     Turn on the 10th layer - any layer, happens with all of them - boom, Single Red Diagonal Line.


      Renders in the Comp preview window.  Renders in the render.  Render Queue and Background Renderer.  QuickTime renders and sequence renders.


      Made a new comp thinking there was a problem with the comp.  Copied the layers over one at a time.     Fine up until layer 9.  Pasted last layer - boom.  Single Red Diagonal Line.


      Tried exporting from CS 6 to 5.5 but the Project doesn't work in 5.0 which I have.  Tested 5.5 before buying 6.0 and.... my trial is expired for 5.5.  Serial for CS 6 doesn't work in 5.5.


      Anyone else seen this?


      Thank you,



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          update your video card driver - unplug monitor if possible

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant



            Second bullet point... And yeah, do update your graphics driver. This is a resource issue, if it occurs only with multiple layers.



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              Marc Trzepla Level 1

              Ah, my friend the video driver.  Updated it to the most recent - Single Red Diagonal Line didn't go away.    But Photoshop stopped opening images! Now THAT'S a "feature".


              Rolled back to the original driver.   Photoshop now works again.


              *****But get this.******


              Noticed some layers had effects on them that I decided not to use and had turned OFF, but left in the effects stack at the very top.


              Picked a layer.    Turned back ON the effect (Fill) and the Single Red Diagonal Line went away.  (Comp now looked wrong because it had a Fill in it, but that was to be expected.)


              Turned the FIll back OFF... and the Single Red Diagonal Line came BACK.


              Moved the Fill (turned off) to the LAST position in the effects stack as opposed to from the Top. ... and the Single Red Diagonal Line went away.


              Deleted that effect (Fill) and voila... the Single Red Diagonal Line went away. 


              But other layers also with "off" unused effects DON'T reprdoduce this error.   


              In the end I deleted the effect and all was good with the Universe again.    





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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                That is odd. Thank you so much for reporting back.


                You might want to file a bug report and attach a version of the product with the issue for the Adobe engineers to look at.