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    fireworks kerning and leading stopped working

    Mastov1 Level 1

      A peice of text I've been manipulating no longer allows kerning or leading. I can type in any number and slide the scale in any direction and it won't work.


      Is this a bug or did I somehow activate locking up random features?

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          Mastov1 Level 1

          Turning off fireworks and reopening solved the issue.


          This is a bug apparently.

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            Mastov1 Level 1

            Wondferful. The issue has occured again and this time no amount of opening and closing will enable kerning or leading.

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              groove25 Level 4

              Wow. I actually had some trouble with these features, too, while trying to troubleshoot your difficulties. I didn't expect that.


              I tried turning off my web browser (Firefox 14.0.1), and things cleared up—though that may just be a coincidence. I'm running Fireworks CS6 on Mac OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard).

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                Mastov1 Level 1

                Thank your for reading my issue. I haven't fixed the problem but I found a way of not triggering the problem.


                The problem seems to be caused when using multiple kernings or multiple text sizes in one block of text. I'm a rookie at fireworks, so perhaps this is a bad way of working. Again, no clue why this is causing the problem but it does seem to be related. Interresingly enough, this effects all text in the document. So ever if a text block has the same kerning and text size throughout it get's locked down also when the problem occurs. Color seems to still work though.


                So to clarify if anyone else runs into this problem, don't use multiple text sizes in same block.

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                  groove25 Level 4

                  You know, that's the type of thing I initially suspected. And I could almost see how that could have triggered the problem initially.


                  That said, once it cleared up for me (after quitting my web browser), I tried a number of multiple kernings and leadings without re-triggering the problem. Also, while it might be good practice to stick with a single leading value for a text block—or perhaps per paragraph—it's quite common to apply a general tracking value to a text block and then apply more specific kerning values on a local basis, i.e., to particular letter pairs.


                  So I'm not quite convinced. I think Fireworks can generally handle multiple values.

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                    studiomigo Level 1

                    I have the same issue. never had kerning or leading problems since FW2.

                    Running OSX 10.8.2, Fireworks CS6. Macbook Pro Retina.


                    FW is one dodgy software running with SWF (flash movies) instances in it's cure. Don't expect to much in the future from Adobe.

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                      groove25 Level 4

                      Looking at this issue again in Fireworks CS6, I believe it's triggered by the use of multiple leadings—a.k.a. line-spacings. More specifically, attempting to apply a global leading value (i.e., to a text box) after having applied a local leading value (e.g., to a line or paragraph) will lead to an error message. Once this error has been triggered, both leading and tracking/kerning controls will be disabled until the application is restarted.


                      error message.png


                      While it's apparently not a great idea to apply leading on a line-by-line or paragraph-by-paragraph basis in Fireworks, this in and of itself won't trigger the error. It's attempting to apply a global leading value on top of those adjustments that will cause the problem. If you look within the Properties panel and see three dashes ("---") in the leading field, this is an indication that you already have both global and local values applied (i.e., combination leading). Any further global adjustment will likely trigger the error.


                      combination leading.png


                      Interestingly, multiple text sizes do not seem to trigger the problem. In fact, it's OK to have multiple text sizes, both global and specific; making a global text size adjustment on top of this will simply override the local adjustments, making all the text the same size. This is an indication that this particular leading behavior is, in fact, an error, and should be reported to Adobe via their official bug report form:




                      I also want to mention that it's perfectly fine to apply both tracking and kerning to text. Tracking can be applied to a text box or to any text selection, while kerning can be applied by placing the cursor between individual letters. The two adjustments should co-exist peacefully. It's also fine to apply tracking both globally and locally. As with text size, applying a global tracking adjustment on top of previous local adjustments will simply override those previous adjustments and apply a single tracking value to all the selected text. (Kerning will be unaffected by adjustments to tracking.)


                      Hope this clears things up. If you've been affected by this bug, please take some time to verify my findings and to submit a bug report to Adobe at the above URL. Consider including a reference to this discussion thread (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1052184) in your report.

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                        groove25 Level 4

                        BTW, I tried this in Fireworks CS5 and there were no problems. This bug seems to be new to CS6.

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                          groove25 Level 4

                          Here's the bug report I submitted for this issue. Submitting your own using Adobe's official bug report form may raise the priority of this issue and/or help the team to diagnose and fix the problem.



                          Product name: Fireworks

                          Product Version:

                          Product Language: English

                          Your operating system: Mac OS 10.6.8 (Intel-based)



                          Concise problem statement: Kerning and leading controls in Properties panel stop working after a combination of specific and global leading values have been applied to a Text object.

                          Steps to reproduce bug:

                          1. In an open Fireworks document, create a Text object with several paragraphs.
                          2. Select the second paragraph, and apply a specific leading value (e.g., 160%).
                          3. Select the Text object, and apply a global leading value (e.g., 100%).

                          Results: An error message appears ("Could not complete your request. A parameter was incorrect."). Following this, leading and kerning/tracking controls no longer function. To restore these features, application must be restarted.

                          Expected results: Global leading value should be applied to Text object, overriding specific value previously applied to paragraph. Kerning, tracking and leading controls should continue to function normally.


                          In general, global values override specific values in Fireworks' text engine, without causing an error. This is true for text size, color, alignment, faux bold/italic, tracking, and horizontal scaling, for example.


                          For more information on this bug, please see the following forum post:




                          Please note that this bug is *not* present in Fireworks CS5.1, and appears to have been introduced in Fireworks CS6.


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                            Mastov1 Level 1



                            Thanks for your detailed investigation. I submitted a bug report also and referenced this thread.

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                              sapphireleung Level 1

                              It seems quite strange to solve this problem by:

                              1. select the text field

                              2. changing the "leading units" from "%" to "px" (the text will mess up in 1 single line)

                              3. then adjust the leading value

                              suddenly leading function is working!!!!