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    export PP CS6 to quicktime photojpeg

    RockstarBruski Level 1

      I'm trying out Premiere Pro CS6 and exporting to quicktime photojpeg.

      I've updated to the latest PP update 6.0.1

      It exports just fine but when I playback the video has "jaggies" (where the video sort of tears apart a bit) when a scene has movement in it.

      This doesn't happen in other exported formats (AVI, etc.)


      I've tried the exporting to quicktime photojpeg with the codec settings of "optimized for streaming" but same jaggy problem


      and then I tried addding the setting RFC 2035 compatible setting but it still has jaggies.


      Has anyone been suggesful exporting to Quicktime photojpeg without jaggies?


      If not then I guess I could bring it into Quicktime Pro and do the converstion but that just adds one more step to the process.


      Also, is there a way to modify the % quality when exporting to the above setting?  It shows 90% quality but it is grayed out so I can't adjust the quality at all?


      thanks in advance for any advice.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          QuickTime isn't the best option.  I recommend using another.

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            RockstarBruski Level 1

            thank you very much for the reply.  I really appreciate it

            The problem is I submit clips to istock and their requirements on the file I upload to them are:

            FILE: RF Full-res

            Format: Quicktime MOV

            Codec: PhotoJPEG or MJPEG-A or DV

            Compression: 3:1 or 95% or Best


            Question #1 - I'd like to try to DV export but I don't see "DV" as an option in the export?  Am I missing seeing something or need a plug in of some kind?


            Question #2 - Also, on Motion JPEG-A it looks like it defaulting to Quality 90 and I'd like to make it Quality 100 but can't seem to find in the program where I can change that setting?


            Question #3 - Is anyone else using PP6 to upload to istock?  If so what export settings are you using?


            Thank you

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              Jeff Bellune Level 5

              Quicktime PhotoJPEG works just fine as intermediate codec or as a delivery codec for stock footage.  The problems you're seeing are likely related to your source footage, your sequence settings and/or your export settings.  Please post a few screenshots of your sequence settings and the video tab of your export settings, as well as an analysis of your source footage by either or both of the following programs:


              GSpot Codec Information Appliance




              I think GSpot is Windows-only, but MediaInfo is cross-platform.



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                RockstarBruski Level 1

                Hi Jeff, thank you very much for the advice and especially the links to the two programs!

                Sorry it took me awhile to reply but I've been on vacation and wanted to test a couple of things out before replying.


                With your help and direction and a bit more digging in the forums I think I've figured out the problem.  In another thread found at http://forums.adobe.com/message/4659194 that CS6 sees MXF files recorded on my Canon XA10 in PF24 and PF30 as interlaced and not progressive so I have to manually tell CS6 to treat the video as progressive and not interlaced.  The steps to do that are explained in that thread above which also has another technote link in there.


                On a related note CS6 and Mediainfo see video I recorded on the Canon XA10 in PF24 mode as 30FPS instead of 24FPS.  I'm not sure why this is happening but I might have to find a good Canon XA10 forum to find out if the XA10 has a problem recording PF24 at 24FPS.


                Thanks again! Bruce