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    Please Help, Somehow I lost my main composition layer window to preview


      Hi, This is probably the most simple problem to solve but I have not had any luck after multiple hours. Situation: I have a dual monitor setup and I was working on AE with my preview window for my main composition on my secondary monitor. I closed the program, and reassigned my monitor priority (switched primary monitors). But, when I opened AE I noticed that the main composition preview window was gone and I cannot locate it.  I tried reassigning a new layer window to the composition but when all the layers open for the composition, it won't let me see the full comp preview, only individual layer previews.  Please help, I have deadline and this is a problem. Thank you.


      Windows 7

      CS6 AE

      Two Viewsonic 24" monitors

      1GB Radeon HD 5770 Graphics card

      16GB RAM

      AMD Phenom II x6 core processor