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    Export hanging on 13%, timeline render exceeds 70 hours and rising


      Running - everything up to date.

      OS X 10.6.8.


      3.06 GHz i3 2 core

      4GB 133 MHz DDR3

      Premiere CS 6 & AE CS6 Trials (these were not up to date when i started using them, only when I had issues exporting my timeline did I update them.)
      FCP 7


      History of Edit: R3D footage converted to ProRes HQ Proxies 1920

      Started cutting a vfx heavy music video in FCP 7.

      Imported in Premiere CS6, used Dynamic LInk to work wih AE.
      I will admit that I hadn't done any research on Dynamic Linking from Premiere to AE and I wish I had.  I was told by a fellow editor that it was "amazing."  I had a lot of issues with Premiere and AE confusing clips, unlinking and creating a plethora of duplicates.  I will admit that I have like 20+dynamic linked clips which I found out is not a good idea.
      Back in Premiere I had to make some client guided edits.
      Finished my VFX in AE and brought everything back to Premiere.


      Tried twice rendering my timeline using "render enitre work area."  The first time I let the render slow jump to 57 hours after running for 12 hours.  The second time it jumped to 68 hours after running 10+hrs


      I decided to try a reference export, found out that is not possible.  So I tried exporting at my sequence settings (ProRes HQ, 1920)  Everytime I try to export, 3 times so far, I get stuck at 13% or 1:52:35 remaining.  Such a strange number to be exact everytimy


      Any advice would be great as I'm already a day late and counting on my export.


      I am looking forward to buying and utilizing Premiere Pro as I think FCP is antiquated and FCPX is irrelevant to me.


      Thank you,


      Erick Wilczynski

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          B_Kaufman Level 1

          It may be a problem with the Dynamic Linking. Have you tried using the Adobe Media Encoder to render your project or only the internal Premiere render? If you haven't used Encoder, try it. It is almost always much faster and has eliminated some of the problems I have come across in renders.


          Is the render getting stopped on a Dynamic Link clip? If so, render out that clip in After Effects (or whatever your compositing program is) in a lossless format. Add it into your sequence and try to render again. It could be that there is a bug with the link and the render is getting hung up on it.


          As a side note, when timing allows, I try not to use the Dynamic Link feature because it usually slows things down for me to an unacceptable level.