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    Deleting all text boxes and images on one layer

    Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

      I am designing a 240 page book where nearly every page contains at least one image and at least one text box.  The book will be printed with a varnish (a fifth plate) on every image.

      The printer has instructed me to set up the varnish in the following way in InDesign:


      1. With the finished book, make a duplicate layer.
      2. Delete all text boxes on the new layer (including page numbers)
      3. Delete all images (but not their containers) on the new layer
      4. Fill all the empty image containers with 100% black


      I have done this previously with an even bigger book, and it did of course take several hours, and it's also easy to make mistakes. So I thought it might be possible to do this with a script - only problem is I know nothing about scripting - so I wonder if someone would be willing to help me out?

      Thanks in advance! Using ID CS5.5, win xp pro sp3.