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    Can AIR+ osmf trough wamp cause trouble to playing video?


      Hi ,


      I'am building an AIR application that run on localhost trough wamp. It's a kind of quizz/e-learning application. This app is writte in pure as3


      The quizz session is build dynamicly. Each time the app must play a video media, it create a new view with a osmf.MediaPlayerSprite. After the end of the video, the view is destroyed.


      Sometime (randomly...) the video never start.... (but this video as been played in a previous quizz session). I've no error, the video is ready to play... but it never start....


      The MediaPlayerStateChangeEvent give me the state of the player


      video loading

      video ready

      video buffering

      video playing


      I just use the autoplay = true . The play function is never called by my script.


      This issue is an hair pulling!!

      Have you encountered this issue?


      Many thank!