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    Managing and Accessing Years of Flash Artwork Assets?

    chris_emerson Level 1

      After working with Flash for a long time I've created a lot of artwork in many *.FLA files. I would like the artwork in these files to be easily accessible to both myself and my colleagues for future use but am not sure how to do this. So say a manager is making a presentation and they need a computer icon, they could (should) be able to just pull up all "computer icons" our company has made over the past [x] years and pick from one of those.


      In the past I've tried creating a folder with file names like:


      • 01_Icons.fla
      • 02_OfficeFurniture.fla
      • 03_Animals.fla
      • (etc...)


      But the FLA files get pretty big pretty fast *plus* searching through these files get slower and less efficient over time - and keeping these files updated all the time gets time consuming.


      In my opinion the ideal workflow here would be:

      1. A user (myself or one of my colleagues) would just type a keyword into some kind of search engine (Google-esque) like "computer"
      2. The corresponding library symbols (maybe even via "tags") would come up with a preview
      3. The user could then download the file as a PNG (with specified DPI/resolution) and/or as a FLA/SWF.
      4. A comments system (per library asset) would also be great


      Is there a product that currently exists that does something like this that doesn't involve a mountain of cash, time investment or complexity?  Also, please chime in with how any of you are doing this sort of thing at your workplace - either with a 3rd party product or a manual/homemade method.