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    How Adobe gets DATE and its format?

    srinivas1506 Level 1



      I am getting current (todays) date by using below JS in some flds, and by using below FormCalc for some flds into my_form,



      var currentTime = new Date()


      Form Calc:

      $.rawValue = num2date(date(), DateFmt(MM/DD/YYYY))

      But, i dont have much idea that how adobe is getting this date? For my company this is the very first form, hence they are asking me how adobe gets date and its format whether,


      1) From local IP/Interner provider address's date, format?


      2) or user PC/laptop's LOCAL settings date, format? if so, for example, if Germany user (Laptop settings) has a DD.MM.YYYY configured, if this user comes to US on a busines trip and if that user opens the form, then how the date looks like for this user? as per user laptop settings DD.MM.YYYY or local internat provider date format MM//DD//YYYY?


      Thank you