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    AE CS6 Audio glitch.


      Alright, so I filmed a video with my cousin and got a couple of clips. I imported them onto my computer and checked them out


      First of all, they're AVI files. And the sound is with the video, I chose not to record separate voices etc etc.


      So, seeing that everything is alright, sound is at it's place, no bugs no whatever, I import the AVI files into AE CS6.


      Put in my first clip, do a few cuts here and there, and then I place in my second clip.
      I start the RAM preview and everything looks good until it gets to the second clip. After maybe 5 seconds in the second clip it just cuts off until the end of that clip.


      So, I decide to restart after effects and only put in my clip #2. And, same thing happens. So then I thought it was a problem with RAM preview, so I then render the clip out into a folder. I open it and to my suprise, instead of the sound stopping a few seconds in, there's maybe 2 seconds of normal sound, then the sound stops and restarts right away.


      BUT, when it restarts it's not the right sound! It plays sound that's supposed to play 4-5 seconds later. So I'm left with a missing piece of sound and an audio that doesn't fit the clip.


      That happens with half of my clips, the other ones play just fine.


      So can anyone help me? I'm using After effects CS6 on a Windows 7 64bit OS.