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    Adding new map IDs to existing .h file

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      Hi! I am relatively new to RoboHelp, in particular the thorny subject of context-sensitive help. I am trying to manually add some new map IDs to an existing .h file in a help project, but I find that, although RH8 allows me to assign them to a topic, when I generate the .CHM and use the CSH tool to test the link, no corresponding topic is displayed. Testing the .CHM in the application confirms this result. This doesn't only happen to my new map IDs but to at least one old one as well that was put in by someone else previously but never worked apparently. The other links can be unassigned and reassigned as normal, so I can't see any logic to the problem. Any thoughts anyone please?



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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP





          You are probably missing a step somewhere along the line. Try the following article:  <http://www.adobe.com/devnet-archive/robohelp/articles/context_help.html> http://www.adobe.com/devnet-archive/robohelp/articles/context_help.html.




          Though it’s rather old, it’s still topical. If this article doesn’t help, please tell us how you map the topic. That will help us identify where the problem lies.









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            alone_in_rh_land Level 1

            Hi William,


            Thanks very much for the reply and the article, but I’m not sure it did help me solve my problem. The way we work is that our developers compile a map ID file (called “project.h” for example) which I then put into the Help project and use to assign the topics. In the past I have had problems with replacing an old project.h file with an up-to-date one as the software develops. Deleting the old file and importing a new one with the same name leads to an error saying “HH_HELP CONTEXT called without a section”. It’s as if the project cannot recognise the new version of the .h file. So this time I am trying to manually edit the existing project.h file to avoid this, but I am still finding problems with getting newly assigned map IDs to work. I use the RH8 Edit Map IDs dialog to make the assignments, and I then save the project, generate the .CHM, and use the CSH Tool to test the help. I have checked the project .hhp file and it lists the default BSSCDefault.h file and project.h under the section. I get no error messages when using the tool, and the old assignments work fine. It’s just that the new ones don’t, even though RH8 shows them as being assigned to topics in the .CHM.


            I hope this gives a bit more background. Maybe it is a consequence of a gradually evolving project that keeps getting updated with new .h files? A former colleague of mine advised me not to delete old .h files but to rename them, so there is some duplication of map IDs between these files – but that doesn’t seem to stop many assigned IDs from working. The ID and number are the same in every file so it is not as if the same number exists for different IDs. It does seem very odd. Any thoughts gratefully received!