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    ACR7.1/CS6/Bridge work ok in Windows 8, but...

    RASouthworth Level 3

      As a MS Technet member I have access to Windows 8 RTM, so I loaded it up on a test system, and then created a Windows to Go version on a USB external drive. I de-activated CS6 from my laptop, fired up the Windows to Go version of W8 on my desktop, and then installed 64 bit CS6 on my desktop/Windows to Go drive combination.  Activation completed ok, was able to update including ACR 7.1, and all functions worked ok, except PS disabled accelerated graphics.  This was easily fixed with a trip to the Asus website for an updated driver, and afterwards I had a full functioning no excuses CS6 running on a W8 platform.


      Next I moved my Windows to Go external drive over to my laptop - no problems with W8 but CS6 "lost" its activation, decided it was a trial version.  And of course when I tried to activate it informed me I was at my limit of two.  So it's clear (and probably should not have been any surprise) that the activation process also "fingerprints" the hardware platform, and at least at this point doesn't travel over on an external drive.  If I wanted to move PS from computer to computer with the W8 drive I would have to deactivate after each use, and re-activate on the new system.  BTW I had a moment of panic when I moved W8 back to my desktop, CS6 came up in trial mode and I had visions of having lost my second activation.  However, upon re-entering the serial number it gracefully accepted activation, apparently recognizing that an existing activation was in effect.


      This is obviously not just an ACR subject, but I stuck it here out of laziness, and hopefully the info will be useful to those planning a migration to W8.  I have no problems with W8 in general, although of course one has to learn how to navigate the new interface, not a big issue IMO.


      Richard Southworth

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          Noel Carboni Level 8



          Might not matter, though, to those upgrading to Windows 8 in the more "traditional" sense - i.e., putting it on one system and using it there.


          I've written a book on how to tweak Windows 8 to get the best desktop experience out of it (and Metro be damned), so I've been through Windows 8 pretty thoroughly...  So far, having worked with the RTM code now, I'm singularly unimpressed.  Why did they feel they needed to carve out all the desktop visual styles?  It's so flat it feels like sand in the eyes!


          About the only thing it seems to bring to the party is leanness - since they've carved out so much stuff, Windows 8 can be run with about half the system impact Windows 7 has.  Other than that I'm not seeing any reason to want to move to it - for the first time in all the versions of Windows ever released.


          Do you have an ATI video card in your test system, or are you running it in a virtual machine?  I ask because apparently the Catalyst 12.8 release is supposed to be compatible with Windows 8, and I'm curious how well it works.



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            RASouthworth Level 3

            No, the embedded Intel graphics within an i5-3550 cpu.  It also works ok on an old Dell E4200 laptop, which again is Intel.


            I have an open issue with Adobe, claiming I should be able to do a one-time activation of a legitimate copy of PS on a Windows to Go external drive without horsing around with deactivate/reactivate as I move it from system to system, since It meets the requirement that it can only be used by one person at a time.  We'll see.


            Richard Southworth

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Have they officially claimed Photoshop is supported to work on Windows 8 in any form yet?  I haven't seen that.  Certainly this site only states compatibility with Windows XP and 7...





              RASouthworth wrote:


              No, the embedded Intel graphics within an i5-3550 cpu.


              That system must really fly with Windows 8.